​User comments by those who purchased and used the 2 Ton Manual System (mobile power unit and two stands) are provided for your perusal and information about real use of the system. User comments remain unaltered; however, names of previous logos and retailers have been removed and indicated in italics..

The Safe T Jack 2 Ton Manual System was previously offered in the United States through a limited number of retailers for a short period of time…
From: Jean, Received on STJ website, 8-28-11 “Hobbyist researched other jacks”
I recently purchased a SafeTjack after months of research looking for a jack I felt comfortable using. I am not a professional mechanic but simply a hobbyist who enjoys working on my various cars including pulling the wheels to clean the inner wheels and wheel-wells as well as the undercarriage of the cars.

My problem was that my research showed that floor jacks sold today don’t seem to be made as well as they were perhaps were a few decades ago. I foolishly gave away my 20-year-old professional grade Craftsmen floor jack to acquire a lighter new generation aluminum jack only to find out that there are numerous reported issues with aluminum jacks. They torque easily and as with many modern floor jack, whether aluminum or steel, they leak fluid and do not hold the car as expected.

I know that anyone is a fool to get under a car with just a floor jack that is not supported by a jack stand but I also got confused as to where you put the jack stand if you are lifting the car on the appropriate lift points as recommended by the car manufacturer.
This is where the SafeTjack solved my problem. It has integrated jack stands in the lifting mechanism so where you lift the car is also where you support it. It includes a conventional lifting system as well, but for me, the integrated jack stands are the way to go. Besides solving my lifting issues, it is a solid quality jack, lifts easily and allows you to have a slow, controlled lowering of your vehicle as well.

The only issue I found was that on one of my cars that has very low ground clearance, I had to drive the car on a 2×6 piece of wood to get a little extra clearance – a small price to pay for the safety I get using this jack. I also had an issue of not knowing how to store the handle in the down position and sent a request for assistance. I received immediate help – both by e-mail and by personal phone. Great service!
I couldn’t be more pleased with this unit and highly recommend it for both the pros and the hobbyist for its quality, safety and how productively you can work.

From: Jay, Memphis, TN, 3-22-11 “Anxiously Awaiting Low Profile Stands”
My “Lift & Secure” (*see note 1 below)

My “Lift & Secure has served me flawlessly for many years. With most all cars being a single jack point per corner, this design is perfect! Now I have a lowered Solstice and could realy use the 4.5 inch Low Profile optional stands. Please put me on the waiting list! You wouldn’t happen to need a Beta tester, would you?? I would also like to purchase a signed copy of “Patent Piracy”.

I’ve been touting your design to Friends for years, the addition of Low Profile stands will add those with low slung cars.

If another nested telescoping section could be added for more lift height,that would be great. Maybe in place of the manual screw pad?

Note 1 – Lift & Secure is a trademark owned by Sears and was used as a private label logo for Safe T Jack units sold through their stores.

From: John, Merchantville, NJ, 3-17-11 “Missed Opportunity/More Stands”
It is great to have found this unit (Ssfe T Jack) again. I saw it back in the early nineties and should have bought it then. I can’t tell you the number of times since then, particularly with my wife’s Lincoln ls, that I’ve had major challenges with the jack’s pad and the jack stand’s pad needing the same spot under the chassis.

I ‘m also thrilled to see that it is selling through amazon as that is sure to make it more available to regular people, but that brings me to my question.

I’m not the average weekend tinkerer. I club race two cars and maintain four active street machines. Often times I find that I have to work on one of the street cars, while one of the race cars is up on stands. Also many repairs need the entire vehicle supported off the ground, not just one end or side. So my question to you is, how do I get additional stands?

From: Victor, Torrence CA, 2/11/11 Safet-T-Jack additional Stands
First I would like to say that I have owned and used your product for years. I purchase it from Beverly Hills Motors. I have always kicked myself for not buying two additional stands. I’ve tried a number of times to locate your company. Today I sat down and did another google search under Safe-T-Jack and bingo there you were. You web site mentions a rack for storing the stands.

Please let me know if I can purchase the additional stands, rack and replacement parts. I would like to buy two more stands for this unit.
I have a @ Ton Safe-T-Jack Model 106 s/n A-726.

I also have a leaking seal where the reservoir tank mounts to the unit. Do you have a replacement part. How do I take it a part? (Note: A repair kit for this unit has been forwarded to Victor)

From: Ken, Baltimore, MD 11/14/08 “Handicapped to Handyman great tool”
I’m was a Police Detective, now I’m suffering from monoplegia (like a paraplegic or a quadriplegic, except a monoplegic deals with one limb, in my case I lost the use of my left leg during a foot chase. While I can’t walk, or sit up straight, I can still do quick jobs on my Hummer H3, thanks to this tool; unlike most jack, and jack-stand combos, with this set-up you’ll never find your jack in the way of your jack-stand, only last week while working on installation of a ReadyLift did we find the jack-stand couldn’t be put in place, because the jack was in the way Since then I bought this set, the jack is the jack-stand, and therefore can never be in the way…my son used it on his VW GT1, after putting both jack-stands in place he used the extra plate to convert the jack into the 3rd version of the jack, this was used to lift and hold the cat back muffler into place while the hangers were hooked up it does so much, it’s like an extra set of hands we love it, I wish they would have come up with this years ago. I read a lot of reviews wishing they sold extra stands, heck at the sale price buy two, one for each side of the car or front and back, you could buy two sets and still save $100. This makes it hard for anyone to call me a cripple, or an invalant anymore, after all, I may not be able to walk, or sit up straight due to Injuries, but with tools like this, and the many other innovative (previous brand) tools, It’s not so much what people say, how they treat you, as much as it is how you feel, or what you think of yourself, I am far from crippled. (Previous brand) took me from Handicapped to Handyman.

From: TorchVert, Boston, MA 09/10/07 “Simply Great!”
I bought the (previous logo) system to work on my 2005 Mustang. The car has been pretty heavily customized including being lowered. This set worked wonders allowing me to install a performance exhaust this weekend. I had attempted this with my existing jack weeks ago, but the lack of sufficient lift would not allow enough clearance between the bottom of the car and the ground to slip the existing exhaust pipes over the axle. With the very high lift afforded by the (previous logo) jack stands, the job was a piece of cake. VERY impressed with this product….For new purchasers, I recommend reading the enclosed instruction booklet closely. The (previous logo) is simple to operate once you the get hang of it, but it’s a lot easier to get the operation down by actually reading the instructions rather than trial and error. Like one of the other reviewers, I also strongly urge (retailer) to offer additional (previous logo) jack stands as an accessory. I can picture times when one or two extra would be very handy and would cheerfully purchase a couple more.

From: 4BetterTools, Columbus, OH 11/14/08 “Great Product”
This is a great product but you must take a few minutes to read the user manual. Yes, the jack only has wheels in the back. As is clearly stated in the user manual, you are supposed to use the handle to maneuver the jack like you would with a hand truck. There is a setting for the handle bar that is used primarily for maneuvering. There is no reason why you should ever “scrape” the ground. It is quite easy to operate and jack chassis slides easily under the two provided jacks. By the way, it only has two wheels because the jack itself functions as a third jack. The front of the jack sits solidly on the ground when lifting. The jack will get under anything with about 7” or more of clearance. That’s pretty low.

From: Anonymous, Somerset, MA 8/12/07 “Excellent jack and stands”
The jack performed well in all it’s operations. It not only allowed me to jack up the car with ease but because I could leave the jack stand behind at the place where I jacked it up. I could work more easily around the space. The operation that allowed me to leave and pick up the stand was easy to use and worked perfectly. The only drawback was the operation of the handle to move the jack. It takes a little getting use too for me to be able to switch it from moving the jack around to pumping it up. Just hope they add the option of getting more jack stands that go with the jack so you can work on the whole car or to do work on another car.

From: Wrencher, Lexington, NC 11/5/07 “How to make more versatile”
The (previous logo) jack system is one of the most innovative and secure lift and support systems I have used when it comes to jacks and stands. The only thing that I see that (previous brand) could do to make this system more versatile is to offer either individual jack stands or a system with four stands so that a vehicle can be lifted and supported all the way around using just one jack.

From: Fmarshal, Martinez, CA 7/24/07 “(Previous Logo) Jack & Stands”
I have a low sitting Porsche, that has 4 jack points. The trouble is that when a jack is used, then there is no place to place the stand, as the point is busied by the jack. This system solves that problem. It isn’t as low as it needs to be for a Porsche, so I have to roll up on a 1-1/2 piece of wood to get the extra clearance. For other makes, it would be a breeze. Great design. Easy to move around, weighing less than most other comparable jacks. It comes with two stands and a lift plate, making it able to just be used just as a jack also.

From: Benzervice, Strasburg, CO 11/6/07 “Excellent Idea If Quality Unit”
Let me “first on the block” to own one! I do suggest that if it proves stable and the stands are safe, that an additional pair of matching stands be available for purchase, or even offer the option of four(4) with the original purchase (at a special price)to permit uniform raising of the vehicle, at all four corners, at one setup. I definitely would take a deal on four, say when setting up for exhaust work or a brake job.

From: Knguyen0903, St. Louis, MO 11/5/08 “ Good and solid”
This jack is solid. Like other said it’s hard to move around but real solid and stable. It like you have 2 jacks. I like slow release hydraulic you don’t just slam you car down. Other than a little hard to move around it real solid Jack.